Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural at Riverside School

  • Riverside School is a diverse community which celebrates and respects students from all faiths and background.
  • We are friendly and caring, and welcome everyone into our community regardless of their background.
  • Students at Riverside learn about all major world religions in order to gain a deeper understanding and respect for them.
  • We invite in professionals at the top of their professions on a regular basis to speak to our students in order to inspire them and to raise their aspirations.
  • The school has links wit, and arranges trips to, top universities so that students can think about their future and be inspired to go on to higher education.
  • There is a strong pastoral ethos at Riverside, and students’ safety and wellbeing are at the centre of everything that we do.
  • Modern British values permeate our curriculum ensuring that students are fully aware of Britain’s culture, history and values.
  • Students develop key skills in all their lessons such as resilience, collaboration and taking on challenges.
  • Students are taught to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Students celebrate each other’s achievements on a weekly basis in assemblies.
  • Riverside offer a wide range of cultural, educational and sporting trips for all students in order to give them access to experiences and places outside of their day to day lives.
  • Sport plays an important part of life at Riverside with students representing the school at borough, regional and national level
  • A wide range of extra curricula clubs are available for students in order to broaden their interests and horizons.
  • There a number of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles at Riverside through the Student Council, as Student Learning Consultants, peer mentors and House Captains.


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Riverside School SMSC Statement